SCP Writings Archive

The Bag of Eternity

[Pre-Addendum] October 14, 1994 Tools and Engineering Warehouse, Moltem, South Carolina Darkness. Darkness everywhere. The cold air whistling through the cracks made the darkness more unbearable. Agent Snow held his glock with shaking hands, aiming at an unseen beast. His team was gone, except for Hendersen, who was just as scared as him. They were taken from him right in front of his very eyes, by the thing he was facing now. Glowing eyes came into view, and the wind stopped howling, the room got cold, the silence imposing. Agent Snow asked, with voice unsteady, "Do you understand me?" The gun in his hands disappeared with a puff of dust. "What have you come here for," the darkness questioned, "that you were willing to sacrifice 11 other men to get here?" "They bravely fought for the Foundation! How dare you insult my men?" the Agent shouted into the void. "Careful, I could finish you as quick as the others," the voice said, "what do you want from me?" Agent Henderson blurted, "We have come for the Satchel of Eternity." "Mmmm, I see." "Do you have it," Snow asked, "Or are you fooling us?" "Oh I have it, but I need a favor from you first." The voice said with a growl. "Anything, I'll do anything for that satchel, we need it!" Henderson exclaimed. With a snap, Hendersen's neck was broken and his corpse was dragged into the darkness. "NO!" Snow screamed. The eyes disappeared and a briefcase dropped from the void. Sound returned to the room and cold air swept the floor. The Agent sobbed as he grabbed the case and left the warehouse, mourning the loss of his team, of his friends. ~~~~~ [Section Alpha] January 19, 1995 [REDACTED], Greenland Agent Snow reached into his black vinyl briefcase and pulled out a Desert Eagle. "Damn, I really need a long range weapon here." He dropped the gun and reached back in, pulling out a full-sized M249, and a 100 round magazine. "That's better, I knew I could count on you." He complemented the case. The case snapped shut and lie down on the ground, motionless. Snow mounted his weapon on the crumbling wall, high above the giant blast door of the abandoned Site-■. 05 had received intel that a division of the Chaos Insurgency planned to take over the site to make base in, for strategic reasons. The Chaos Insurgency wanted nothing more but to "Restore Understanding in Humanity," as the leaders of the group claimed was their goal. They wanted to use the Foundation's assets and numerous SCP objects to set up forceful rules in every major country in the world, and effectively control the whole planet. If the CI gained control of certain assets, the World would be doomed to a hateful rule. The sound of crunching snow broke the Agent's train of thought, and he spotted a black-clad recon specialist duck behind a rock to set up his rifle. An L115A3 Snow figured from the looks of it. Anti personnel, heavy firing, long range sniper rifle equipped with a Vcog most likely, and a suppressor so nobody would hear his shots- he needed to focus. The Agent quickly glanced around him to make sure he was alone. Nobody. The recon poked his head out from behind the rock, and Snow fired two suppressed shots at him, one missing, and the other hitting dead on. The Insurgency member dropped quietly to the ground. The Insurgency expected this, as a heavy tank and a Support battalion rounded the corner of the canyon, weapons at the ready. Snow opened fire on them, and they returned it, with help from the armor. A shell landed not 50 feet from the Agent, and he jumped to cover as rubble flew overhead. He grappled his briefcase and pulled from its depths a combat BFG, perfect for the job. He aimed at the tank' s viewfinder, and fired three shots, tearing through the steel like tissue paper. The armor stopped, the operators dead, and the remaining Insurgents clustered behind it. He swept the landscape with his M249 and took out most of the other Insurgents, but missed one, most likely equipped with a heavy M16. As he scoped in to fire on the lowlife, a bullet whizzed past his gun, hitting him directly in the shoulder. He managed to fire two more shots before having to staunch the bleeding with his vest. He hit the insurgent below the ribs, but apparently to paralyzed him, as he fell to the ground, unmoving. Snow's vest quickly soaked through, he began to see double, and was turning pale very quickly. He sat himself against a wall, and radioed for help. "I- I need medical assistance, I've been hit- I- You know where I am..." was all could get out before dropping the communicator. He heard rotors soon after, and the last thing he saw as he succumbed to the pain was a Foundation transport landing not far away. ~~~~~ [Section Beta] January 21, 1995 Site-■■ The lights of the Med Bay cast a sickly glow over the bed. Snow tried to sit up, but bed restraints held him fast. He glanced around and saw he was alone in the three-bed room. The curtains that normally divide the area were drawn back, and a television in a corner was playing the news. A door by the opposite wall opened, and the Agent feigned sleeping. An attendant came in and released the restraints, then gave Snow an injection on the shoulder. The attendant left without a word, and closed the door. The Agent drifted off, and when he awoke, something was different. Everything in fact. The sound of bustling personnel and humming machinery had ceased, only to be replaced with the distant smell of smoke, and a wailing sound. A boom shook the infirmary, and a breach alarm began to sound, along with the monotone flashing red lights. He panicked and tried to get up, only to discover his legs didn't seem to work. Falling off the bed, he hit the ground and his vision faded. •••